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Attention: Corporate, Government and Non-Profit Executives

70% of Employees are Unhappy,
Which Costs the U.S. Up to $550 Billion Annually in Lost productivity!

If you are seeking a solution to this problem, you're sooo in the right place!

Imagine: Higher morale, Higher Productivity, Less Stress, Less Absenteeism, Less Presenteeism, Fewer Errors and Accidents.

My name is Vernon L. Williams, “Joy Expert” and one of the premiere personal development practitioners today. As a national speaker and coach, I empower clients to achieve their goals.

I am the author of several popular books, including:

Why Employees Fail to Meet Performance Expectations & How to Fix the Problem

Paddle Your Own Boat: 10 Rules that Guarantee Career Success

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In addition to maintaining my own joy, I help others achieve and maintain joy, as well.
I have been perfecting the joy-producing techniques for more than 24 years. If you want your employees to live every moment with joy, I am the right person to engage as trainer and coach.

I understand the techniques for achieving joy that few others know. I use these techniques in my business and personal life and I pass my proven knowledge on living with joy along to others through my workshops, books and coaching.

Helping my workshop and coaching clients achieve joy is my ONLY business.

If you want to achieve joy, you should Contact Me. I teach a range of topics within the field of living with joy. They include, but are certainly not limited to:

I look forward to helping YOU achieve joy in your life.

I live in Columbia, MD but help people all over the country succeed in living with joy.

If you're ready to discover proven strategy for living with joy, then let's roll up our sleeves and get this party started! Contact Me.