Teaching Christians to Live Joyfully
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To be the trusted leader in teaching Christians how to live joyfully, despite their circumstances.
To teach Christians how to live joyfully, despite their circumstances. This results in 1) elimination of worry and anxiety, 2) improved health, 3) winning at work, 4) success at home and 5)  an improved quality of life.
Things do not happen to us; things happen for us.

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As a national speaker, coach and author, I equip you to live stress free and rejoice always,despite your circumstances. I am the right person to engage as a trainer and coach since I have been teaching people these techniques for more than 25 years. If you want to prevent stress and rejoice, you should contact me.

"I highly recommend Vernon L. Williams’ workshop on Dealing with Stress. Vernon writes and motivates through simple biblical principles with profound impact when lived out in our daily lives. The workshop will help us to use these principles to develop a very practical plan for lowering our stress levels."
Tim Siemens, Pastor to the Family and Staff, Grace Community Church



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