10 Ways To Develop Positive Affirmations

Vernon L Williams


Everyone uses affirmations. The problem is that most of them are negative, e.g. "I am terrible with technology."

The goal is to use positive affirmations, i.e. brief phrases, which repeated often and designed to overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts. 

Follow these 10 tips to develop life-changing, positive affirmations:

1. Be specific about your desired outcome.

Have a clear vision of the end result you want to achieve.

Example: A successful speaker.

2. Make it personal.

Begin your affirmation with "I".

3. Use the present tense.

Keep the statement in the NOW moment in order to understand that the desired change is for today, not someday.

Example: I am a successful speaker.

4. Make it positive.

Instead of: "I am not nervous when I speak in public."

Say: "I am confident when I speak in public."

5. Keep it simple (K.I.S.)

Use short, powerful sentences.

6. Tap into your emotions.

Use words that ignite your emotions when you say your affirmation out loud.

Example: "I am passionate about sharing my knowledge at the next team meeting."

7. Believe the affirmation.

You must completely believe the affirmation.

8. Write the affirmation down. 

A 3 x 5 card might be a good idea.

9. Repeat the affirmation.

State the affirmation for about five minutes, three times per day - in the morning (while shaving or putting on makeup), midday, and evening.

10. Visualize the desired outcome from step 1.

Picture yourself speaking before an audience of smiling, nodding people who stand and applaud when you are finished speaking.

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