How Often Do You Engage In The Most Important Expression Of Dependence On God?

Vernon L Williams

I read a story about Ben Patterson, dean of the Chapel of Hope College and a former pastor.

He was in great pain due to two herniated discs in his lower back.The doctors had placed him on total bed rest. But since the bed was too soft, he wound up lying on the floor. He was completely frustrated because he couldn’t preach, he couldn’t conduct meetings and he couldn’t make hospital visits.

After two weeks of being bored out of his mind, he asked his wife to bring him the church directory. His thinking was, at least he could do something, even if it was only to pray for the people of his congregation.

So, every day for two to three hours he would pray for every member of his congregation. After a while, the time became sweet.

Toward the end of his convalescence, anticipating his return to work, he prayed, “Lord, this has been good, this praying. It’s too bad I don’t have time to do this when I’m working.”

And God spoke to him, “You have the same twenty-four four hours each day when you’re weak as when you’re strong. The only difference is that when you’re strong you think you’re in charge. When you’re weak you know you aren’t.”

His conclusion: Prayer is an admission of weakness and the single most important expression of true dependence on God.

Are you depending on God? Maybe it's time to express it by praying more. 

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