10 Reasons People Don't Achieve Their Career Goals

Imagine waking up every day inspired to go to work and returning home at the end of the day feeling fulfilled by the work you have done.

It is possible.

So why is that no most people's experience?

10 reasons;

1. Not knowing who they are.






2. Not knowing what they want.

3. Not believing they can achieve

S - Specific - Define exactly what you want

M - Measurable - Determine how you are going to measure achieving your goal

A - Accountability - Commit to being personally responsible for achieving your goal

R - Realistic/Relevant - Set a goal that is ambitious but achievable. Make certain that your goal is relevant to your purpose

T - Timeline - Set a clear time line for achieving your goal

4. Fear

5. Lack of a detailed plan

6. Failure to visualize

Where there is no vision the people parish. (Proverbs 29:18)

You have heard it said that saying is believing. I say believing is seeing.

7. Failure to tap into available resources

Pick someone who has done what you are seeking to do. Imitate them and you will achieve the same results.

8. Failure to take massive action.

9. Getting distracted

10. Lack of perseverance

Never, never, never give up. (Winston Churchill