19 Discouraging Phrases You Need To Replace To Be Joyful Today

"The words you use regularly determine how you think, feel, and how you live." -Tony Robbins

You have the power to change that by replacing the words and phrases that you habitually use.

Replace                         With

I have a problem            I have an opportunity

I am overwhelmed         I am challenged

I am depressed             I am a bit sad

I can't                            I haven't yet

I have to, I should         I choose to

I should have                Next time

I made a mistake          I learned a lesson

I am inexperienced       I have a fresh approach

I am too old                   I am experienced

I will try                          I will do

I don't know how           I will learn

Easier said than done   It is better done than said

If I                                 When I

I failed                           I had a temporary setback

I'm devastated              I'm disappointed

I am angry                     I am bit peeved

I am unemployed          I am transitioning

I am exhausted             I am recharging

I had a long day            I had a challenging day

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