19 Phrases That Produce Negative Feelings (And How To Eliminate Them)

The words you use regularly determine how you think, feel, and how you live. -Tony Robbins

You have the power to change that by changing the words and phrases that you habitually use.

Instead of  saying        Say

I have a problem            I have an opportunity

I am overwhelmed         I am challenged

I am depressed             A bit sad

I can't                            Haven't yet

I have to, I should         Choose to

I should have                Next time

I made a mistake          Learned a lesson

I am inexperienced       A fresh approach

I am too old                   Experienced

I will try                          Will do

I don't know how           Will learn

Easier said than done   Better done than said

If I                                 When I

I failed                           A temporary setback

I'm devastated              Disappointed

I am angry                     A bit peeved

I am unemployed          Transitioning

I am exhausted             Recharging

I had a long day            Challenging day