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21 Things Joyful Christians Never Do

Discover 21 things you must never do if you want to live every moment with joy.

"Thank you for sharing these principles and your story and experiences. I am walking away with practical information for myself, my husband and my clients. You have such wisdom and insight. I'll be meditating on what you've taught for some time to come."

-Marja Humphrey

Don't Let Negative Thoughts Steal Your Joy

It is easy to become a victim of automatic negative thoughts (ANTS). Since they are pessimistic and persistent, they cause a lot of emotional problems such as worry, anxiety, doubt, etc. These emotional problems impact health, performance and relationships.

Discover how to identify the 10 most common ANTS, and replace them with rational, healthy thoughts.

"This seminar was powerful. I will begin checking my thoughts to make sure they line up with God's word. Thank you, Vernon."

-Darius McCarter

 Change Your Attitude, Change Your Reality 

As Thomas Jefferson said, “Nothing can stop the person with the right attitude from achieving his goals; Nothing can help the person with the wrong mental attitude.”

A person with a negative attitude is destined to a life of mediocrity.

This inspirational keynote is a wake-up call on the importance of a positive attitude. Vernon reveals specific steps you can take right now to eliminate mental viruses and to set yourself on the path for achieving your dreams.

Here's what one client had to say:

"Your presentation was wonderful on so many levels. It was insightful, inspirational and uplifting. At the same time, it was personal and it stimulated everyone in the audience to deeper thought and reflection on their careers as nurses who are, indeed, the hands of God on earth." -Geraldine Diggs, We Care Private Duty

Master Your Emotions

Are you fed up with letting your emotions control your life?

Discover 3 proven steps you can take right now to master your emotions.

"I want to let you know how helpful your presentation was for me personally.  I am probably about to lose my job and I have been practicing my response of “Hallelujah!” The perspective you shared has been very helpful for me and I have shared the advice with one other person going through a similar bad situation.

Thanks again."

-Rodney Peterson

10 Rules that Guarantee Career Success

Most of us know people who are more successful than we are.

A logical question to ask is “What are they doing that I am not?

As Albert Einstein said, “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

For the last 15 years Vernon has studied successful people have not only learned the rules of the game, but play better the game better than others.

Leave this upbeat keynote armed with specific knowledge of how they can achieve the career success that has eluded them.

"Your presentation was fantastic and the positive message was just what our members needed to hear. I have heard nothing but positive feedback about your presentation. We want to have you back again. Thank you very much." -Margaret Rawls

 Slay the dragon called F-E-A-R

Fear creates doubts. Fear causes us to second-guess ourselves. Fear causes procrastination. Fear causes resentment. Fear causes us to make excuses. Fear causes us to blame others. Fear causes us to avoid personal responsibility. Fear creates doubt. Fear holds us hostage in jobs and relationships.

In short, fear is the number one killer of dreams.

If we are to achieve our God-given destiny, we must overcome our fears.

In this exciting keynote, Vernon reveals 12 surefire keys for slaying the dragon called F-E-A-R.

“Thanks for your excellent workshop. You hit all of the right points. All of the feedback from the employees has been extremely positive. They feel more responsible for their career and now have the tools and motivation to change their behavior as we move into our new building and expand our service offerings and client base.
Thanks for a job well-done.”

-Cassandra Codes-Johnson, Center for Urban Families

Rejoice Through Problems

Are you unable to rejoice due to work, money, relationship or other problems?

Discover ways to rejoice, in spite of those problems. 

"Vernon L. Williams presented his Rejoice through Problems: 13 Steps to Victory seminar to our women's group in April 2016. I was inspired by the practical steps he outlined for dealing with problems. He very cleverly supported each step with at least one appropriate Scripture verse, and made each step come alive with concrete examples from his own experiences and those of others.Since all of us face problems, I, along with the other participants, left the seminar feeling better equipped to handle life's inevitable problems.

I wholeheartedly recommend Rejoice Through Problems: 13 Steps to Victory."

- Celia Wrisk, Coordinator, Women's Ministry

12 Steps to Preventing Job Stress

68% of men and 62% of women say that work is very significant/somewhat significant cause of stress.

Discover 12 proven steps you can take right now to prevent job stress.

"I really like the way Vernon broke the material down into manageable pieces. This is life-changing stuff and I am going to begin immediate implementation." -

Charles Foreman