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Are You Stressed Out Due to Work Problems?

Discover proven, Bible-based strategy guaranteed to eliminate your worry and anxiety, increase your job satisfaction and improve your health...within 21 days from today!

Here's what a recent client had to say:

"My stress level was at a 10 level on a 10-point scale. I had been hospitalized twice because my blood pressure was so high and I was having other heart-related issues. My doctors had informed me that, unless I made major changes, I was a candidate for a major heart attack or stroke. I hired Vernon L Williams as my coach. After one 3-hour session, I was able to dramatically change my approach to my work. Today, my stress level is extremely low and I am off my hypertension medications.”

Thank you, Vernon L. Williams

-Robert Carter

  Are You Stuck in Your Career?

Discover 10 Rules that Guarantee Career Success.  

Vernon has studied the habits that successful individuals use to achieve career success. He shares those habits in this dynamic, practical seminar. 

You will leave with a clear goal and proven strategy for achieving the goal.

"I hated my job and as a result, my career was stuck. Vernon helped me understand my passion, set a clear goal and develop a detailed plan of action for achieving that goal. I am now six months into my new position and I have never felt such peace in that I know that I am doing exactly what God designed me to do." -Darlene Simmons

What I have done for Michael, Darlene and others, I can do for you, as well.

Schedule a free 15-minute interview which has three goals: 1) to understand your situation, 2) to get a general idea of what you are attempting to achieve, and, 3) to determine if you are motivated to resolve your issue. If I believe you are motivated, I will offer you one of my limited coaching spots.