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Is Your Job Causing You Stress?

Discover how to prevent stress, worry and anxiety

    I have coached hundreds of individuals over the last twenty-five years.

    Here's what a recent client had to say:

     "I was stuck in a cycle of stress. I was stressed because I was not achieving my career goals. The stress was adversely affecting my performance. I hired Vernon L Williams as my coach. He not only helped me identify the underlying cause of my stress, but helped me develop a career strategy. I have achieved my initial career goal and I am thriving in my new position.

    Thank you Vernon L. Williams.

                                                    -Michael R., Baltimore, MD


    What I have done for Charles and others, I can do for you as well.

    Schedule a free 15-minute interview which has three goals: 1) to understand your situation, 2) to get a general idea of what you are attempting to achieve, and, 3) to determine if you are motivated to resolve your issue. If I believe you are motivated, I will offer you one of my limited coaching spots.