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Are You Suffering from Work Stress?

12 Steps to Preventing Work Stress

31% of 68% of men and 62% of women say work is a significant source of stress. 

Discover proven ways to prevent (not manage) work stress.

Here's what some recent attendees said:

I highly recommend Vernon Williams’ workshop on Dealing with Stress. Vernon writes and motivates through simple principles with profound impact when lived out in our daily lives. The workshop will help us to use these principles to develop a very practical plan for lowering our stress levels.” -Tim Siemens, Pastor to the Family and Staff, Grace Community Church

"It was a real pleasure having you here at USU. The staff really enjoyed and benefited
your presentation on preventing stress. We hope to have you back here next Fiscal year."  -George Forrest, Training Officer, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Don't Let Negative Thoughts Steal Your Joy

It is easy to become a victim of automatic negative thoughts (ANTS). Since they are pessimistic and persistent, they cause a lot of emotional problems such as worry, anxiety, doubt, etc. These emotional problems impact health, performance and relationships.

Discover how to identify the 10 most common ANTS, and replace them with rational, healthy thoughts.

"This seminar was powerful. I will begin checking my thoughts to make sure they line up with God's word. Thank you, Vernon."

-Darius McCarter

 Are You Stuck in Your Career?

Discover 10 Rules that Guarantee Career Success.  

Vernon has studied the habits that successful individuals follow in order to achieve career success. He shares those habits in this dynamic, practical seminar. 

You will leave with a clear goal and proven strategy for achieving the goal.

"When I attended your workshop you encouraged us to set a specific goal, set a deadline for achieving it and to develop a plan of action for achieving the goal. You even gave us a sample career goal. During a break you assisted Julie Johnson with her resume. She was promoted a few months ago. I am writing to let you know that I was just promoted, too." -Phillip Sanders

“You represent the highest standards of a presenter. Thanks for such much substance into your interactive and motivating talk. Thanks for sharing all that you are and all that you do." --Virgie Mason, Baltimore City Community College


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