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Are You Unemployed, Underemployed or Unhappily Employed?

As author of Paddle Your Own Boat: 10 Rules that Guarantee Career Success, I help you implement 4 proven steps guaranteed to help you land your dream job!

Here's what recent clients had to say:

 "I hated my job, yet I was afraid of being laid off. Vernon helped me overcome my fear, set a clear goal and develop a detailed plan of action for achieving that goal. I am now six months into my new position and I have never felt such peace in that I know that I am doing exactly what God designed me to do." -Darlene Simmons

"Mr. Williams' helped me understand myself better, set a goal that matches who I am and to develop a realistic plan for achieving it. I was recently promoted to a higher paying position which allows me to make better use of my skills" -Terry Sanders

Are You Suffering from Work Stress?

68% of men and 62% of women say work is a significant source of stress. 

!Improved health, elimination of worry, frustration and fear, increased job satisfaction - just a few of the proven benefits you are guaranteed to gain from this life-transforming, Bible-based program!

Here's what some recent attendees said:

I highly recommend Vernon Williams’ workshop on Dealing with Stress. Vernon writes and motivates through simple principles with profound impact when lived out in our daily lives. The workshop will help us to use these principles to develop a very practical plan for lowering our stress levels.” -Tim Siemens, Pastor to the Family and Staff, Grace Community Church

"I really like the way Vernon broke the material down into manageable pieces. This is life-changing stuff and I am going to begin immediate implementation." -Charles Foreman




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